Are You Okay?

Care Team: App Concept
This application is made for doctors, patients and emergency personnel to work together to monitor and help improve a patient’s mental health. With the suicide rate of the United States steadly increasing, there has been a flood of mental health, mindfulness and meditation apps on the market.

Care Team differs, as it not only works towards improving a patient’s coping skills when in need, but also monitoring the physiological symptoms of a patient such as restlessness, racing heart, insomnia, oversleeping, withdrawal, lack of motivation and rumination. If certain symptoms trigger the app’s AI, it will reach out to the patient and guide them through the app depending on their needs at the time.

While the patient continues to utilize the app, the AI learns more about the patient to cater to them personally. All data is heavily encrypted and sent to your doctor so you both can discuss during your next face-to-face appointment. 

The goal for the patient is to feel like they are not alone in improving their mental health and that their doctor is always with them when in need. 

Studies show one of the most difficult steps in mental healthcare is reaching out for help due to the stigma attached to multiple disorders. Care Team is a safe and judgment free zone to get a patient the correct help they need.

Lisa McKinley 2019 – Brooklyn, NY