Feel, Touch,
Give, Take

Feel, Touch, Give, Take is a participatory piece to work against ennui. Feel works as a transmission of positive tokens. While symbolic, each piece of fiber is embedded with a participant’s happy memory. A user can pull a happy memory from the piece as a ‘token’ or ‘charm’ to carry with them for as long as needed, but the participant must leave a happy memory for another user in return. While the initial ptototype was the phrase ‘Feel Something’, I decided to keep it simple and employ the duality of the meaning of the word ‘Feel’ in its emotional and tactile senses.

The inspiration was from a small gesture from my own group therapy. Once a person was ‘finished’ with group therapy, they were given a small stone. Each person in the group would hold the stone and state a positive experience with the person leaving. My rock stays with me as a reminder that people care about my happiness and I care about theirs in return.


Lisa McKinley 2019 – Brooklyn, NY