Sounds Like

Objects include much more than
the materials from which they are formed.

I believe that objects can contain value and meaning beyond monetary worth. This concept is something I have been experimenting this semester through making. There is the ideation, planning, prototyping, and reflection within almost every object I make. During reflection, so many avenues can be explored.

My first idea with this project was to create a ‘totem’ that expressed how society has evolved and the directions that lay before it. However, after sketching, I crafted a small prototype of chimes made out of wood. After feedback, a question of whether the final piece would represent me or a call to action creating awareness for multiple people was presented. Could the piece be an artifact that could be modified for multiple users?

A type system was created to encompass the full alphabet using a nine hole grid. The tile contains three 9 hole grids to use for initials.

I began by creating the support system with linen thread and a wooden ring. I went to the shop and wandered the aisles looking for a new material that I have not worked with before.

Ultimately, clay was the medium I chose. While making the rectangular tiles, I was still unsure of how I would alter them. After some time I thought about how each tile could represent a person that has shaped my identity in some fashion, and then I narrowed it further to include only women.

The first few tiles have no tails. I decided after that I liked the visual of the tails. Improvisation was also a factor in this artifact.

Once assembled, and with the tiles thoroughly dried it makes a nice hollow clinking sound when the tiles bump against each other.

I am working on a refined kit that will include the materials needed for a user to make their own identity chimes.

Lisa McKinley 2019 – Brooklyn, NY