An inventory of life.

My senior year of college, I thought it would be interesting to take an inventory of my stuff. I wanted to determine whether these objects are valid in my adult life or things I need to leave behind. Instinctively, I have always been compulsive about keeping my things orderly.

I felt overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of my items. The end of school caused me to reevaluate my stuff because it seemed so final and represented a significant emptiness in not knowing what comes next.

Change would come as I made the leap from student to a paid designer and I wondered if my stuff would as well.

I decided to present this project through a digital publication because it should be no surprise that I am a gadget fiend and fascinated by how far technology had come in digital media. While digital magazines where a fad, I felt it was an important step in combining analouge and digital.

Lisa McKinley 2019 – Brooklyn, NY