As someone about to graduate from college and to approach a transition in life, I thought it would be interesting to take an inventory of my stuff. I wanted to determine whether these objects are valid in my adult life or things I need to leave behind. Instinctively, I have always been compulsive about keeping my things orderly. Lately, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of my items. I do think that the end of school is causing me to reevaluate my stuff because it is so final and represents a significant emptiness in not knowing what comes next. I know I must change as I make the leap from student to a paid designer and maybe my “STUFF!” should vary as well.

Role ········· Photography, Publisher
Medium ········· iPad Book
Produced ······ May 2011

I decided to present this project through a digital publication because it should be no surprise that I am a gadget fiend and fascinated by just how far technology has come in digital media. I love how magazines and interactive books are presented on iPads.
 2018 — Lisa McKinley