Transmission is a project about the dissemination of concepts and practices generationally. As a child I was instructed in multiple craft techniques that had been passed down through the women on the maternal side of my family. Also, I come from a line of hard workers that were employed in ‘blue’ collared positions. Working with their hands were a part of their livelihood. I reflect on my own need to work with my hands or possibly my love of color, could that be a trait generationally embedded in DNA? Mexican crafts and arts have experimented with a multitude of natural dyes and colors throughout time.

Processes      Ideation, artifact fabrication, material experimentation.
Materials         Acrylic, wood, silver, palm leaf, linen, glass beads, multicolored thread.
Produced      October 2018

Experimenting with materials, craft, and technology I appropriated a portion of a pattern from the Rarámuri tribe, from the part of Chihuahua, Mexico that my mother was born. I interpreted multiples of this pattern in different materials exploring the evolution of materiality of pre and post-Colombian Central America. The culmination of this project resulted in five artifacts that illustrate how materiality interpretation alters the significance of objects.