Una Docena De Rosas

This book was heavily inspired by Mexican author Valeria Luiselli and her book Tell Me How it Ends. During the concept phase of this project and photographing materials I intended to use within the layout, I spent several days reading and re-reading the book.

Role               Art Director, researcher, designer.
Processes       Research, ideation, prototyping.
Materials       Paper, cardstock, glue, binding materials, silk-screen paint.
Produced       December 2018

Picking out quotes for the layout was difficult considering how much the text affected me, so I decided to stick with the author’s format and use the first 12 questions addressed in the book. The book covers her time working for immigration as a translator for child immigrants that come to the U.S. alone and the 40 questions a child must answer on the initial form before they see a judge. As a Mexican immigrant herself, she knew the details of the children’s arduous journey and just how much they were willing to risk to make it here to the states. Una Docena de Roses represents each question covered in the layout, and the roses represent the children. The delicate mortality of flora symbolizes the nurturing children need to thrive. Nurturing I did not receive, nurturing my mother did not receive as a 14-year-old on her journey to the U.S. The color red represents passion, blood, and sacrifice.